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Stefano Puleo

Painter of glaring dream derivation. Only in appearance, in the center of the Italian artist's interests there is a constant portrayal of the man, the woman, and the interpersonal silences, where the riddle of an existential condition lives. He also addresses the nature and the landscape through a visionary force that distances him from reality and brings him closer to the fairy tale. The beauty of harmonious signs, tone and against vibrant tones make further arcane his poetic message. The colors are not those of the true, but flow from his inner feelings, from who knows the Museum of the last century: the Fauvist painting, searching for Paul Cézanne and Amedeo Modigliani. He uses the imagination to transport us out of the real approaching utopia of beauty for its own sake. Stephen Puleo is a master of silence and illusory, without giving up, with this, to make a sweet gift to the people and to his land.

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